Celonis is betting that process mining data will be the enabler for automation and generative AI across enterprises with the launch of its Process Intelligence (PI) graph.

The argument is worth considering as the intersection of process automation, intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence is getting crowded. Multiple vendors are gunning to be that platform that connects the systems and processes behind business transformation.

At Celonis' Celosphere conference, the company outlined how it wants PI Graph to be the "Wikipedia of Process Intelligence." The idea here is that the system agnostic PI Graph, which was introduced a day after Celonis acquired Symbio, will leverage process knowledge from customer deployments and provide an intelligence layer that will form a digital twin of the business and ultimately value chains. Disclosure: I used to work for Celonis. 

This process layer will orchestrate systems, processes and optimizations to continually improve operations. According to Celonis, PI Graph will be the common process language to unify enterprises. Alex Rinke, co-CEO of Celonis, noted that the PI Graph is "the connective tissue that’s been missing in modern enterprises." The data from the PI Graph could give AI and automation models process knowhow. 

Multiple vendors are aiming to be this connective tissue between enterprise processes. The game is to meld process models, KPIs, insights and workflows into one experience. For instance, Microsoft bought Minit in 2022 and then wrapped that process mining technology into a Power Automate wrapper. SAP acquired Signavio and has its platform as well as Datasphere as a wrapper with additions such as LeanIX. UIPath has built out its automation platform that puts process mining together with other technologies including its AutoPilot generative AI.

Constellation Research CEO Ray Wang said Celonis' PI Graph gives companies that ability to embed process intelligence into "their operating models and technology stacks, enabling a new wave of powerful applications and use cases."

At Celosphere, Celonis also launched the following:

  • Process Copilot, a system to identify value via the PI Graph.
  • A new Celonis Studio to enhance app testing, create dashboards and launch actions.
  • Transformation Hub, which provides a hub to measure the value from Celonis implementations.
  • Process Adherence Manager, formerly Process Sphere, is generally available.