Travis Trembath, VP, Fan Strategy & Experience at the PGA Tour, sees Apple's Vision Pro potentially as the future of golf experiences and engagement with fans.

Speaking at Constellation Research's Ambient Experience in Austin, Trembath detailed PGA Tour's Apple Vision Pro rollout and how it can influence experiences, advertising and gambling.

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"We're excited about it, but we don't expect it to drive massive engagement yet," said Trembath. "But if I were to step back, close my eyes and picture the future of how people engage with golf I see something similar to what's on the Vision Pro. You might have a leaderboard in front of you, statistics on making a birdie and the ability to click into an experience that's beyond the tee box or on the green."

These experiences would be delivered while watching live, he added. "We're learning about the space and making smart investments," said Trembath. "We see the future potential."

As for the business model, Trembath said spatial computing would expand its sponsorship opportunities and media rights. There are also integrated product offers that would be available.

Gambling is also likely to be a revenue stream for PGA Golf in the future too. "In the sport of golf, the number of bets you can place is literally endless," said Trembath. "It's a commercial opportunity and an opportunity for additional fan engagement."

Spatial computing could also widen the customer base to a younger demographic. Trembath noted that PGA Golf also has a game on Meta Quest for that purpose too.