Hugging Face will enable developers to use Google Cloud infrastructure for its services and training models.

The new partnership makes Google Cloud a strategic cloud partner and preferred destination for Hugging Face training and inference workloads. Hugging Face has been landing partnerships with the likes of Google Cloud, AWS, Dell Technologies and ServiceNow to name a few.

Developers on Hugging Face's platform will be able to easily use Google Cloud's tensor processing units and graphics processing units to build generative AI applications. Model choice has been a key theme as enterprises want the ability to mix and match large language models depending on use cases.

Hugging Face models will be able to use Vertex AI, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Cloud TPU v5e, future virtual machines powered by NVIDIA's H100 Tensor Core GPUs and the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Vertex AI and GKE will be available on the Hugging Face platform in the first half of 2024.