If you do all of these, all of the time, you're probably ready for wings and a halo. Let's just say the more you try, the less stressed – and more angelic, even – you'll be.

  1. Assume that your staff has the best interests of the organization in their intentions.
  2. Be forgiving, even when they make mistakes.
  3. Be merciful when they make big mistakes.
  4. Be compassionate: don't place them in tempting circumstances.
  5. Be gracious, even to those who don't return it.
  6. Be slow to anger when people disobey.
  7. Be abundantly kind and assume people mean well.
  8. Never renege on your word.
  9. Remember the times when people do something right.
  10. Always allow people to repent their error, carelessness or apathy and forgive them.