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Dr. Janice spent her formative years researching how people team together, and found answers in systems theory and physics. Having written her first line of code in high school, she was positioned to architect a system to measure how people work together, in business and personal life, and develop the underlying theory and practice of Teaming Science. The technology is available for business uses – hiring and other management decision making – at With other technology versions and related content, she is currently seeking appropriate partners who stream games that help people sustain relationships and enhance personal growth, while continuing to consult to executives and their teams, both at work and home. She has been one of the few to speak at every Constellation Connected Enterprise, is a member of Constellation Orbits, and proud to count Constellation Research among many clients who care about disruptive thinking in the human/technology experience. The author of seven books on teaming, she is currently working on the question of how spatial technology will impact human relationships in the future and invites inquiries at



Key Coverage Areas

  • Timing Isn’t Everything. Teaming Is. - What if the secret to success is in how and with whom you team, and has less to do with timing?
  • Teamability for Digital Transformation – HBR recently published a litany of large companies’ failed digital transformations. Digital proficiency, check. Leadership on board, check. Teamability? Probably missing.
  • Diversity isn’t Enough. How’s your Teaming? – Diversity, inclusion, equity. All good, but if profitable productivity is your goal, it’s not enough. 
  • Why your Innovation Initiative Failed – Congratulations. You focused on leadership and process, instituted elegant controls, and were very successful at demotivating your innovation underground.
  • Culture Happens – Unless you design your culture – and your subcultures – from the ground up, you’re going to settle for what happens. The laws of physics, especially entropy, apply here. 
  • True Confessions, or as my digitally-21 self calls it, my #truth – The POV of a woman who was not raised to be an inventor, architect of a new technology, CEO, or much more than a wife and mother. Not for women only.