Submitted by Constellation Research on Fri, 03/08/2013 - 1:28pm

The CMO job has evolved into both a right-brain and left-brain skill set. CMOs must balance the creative aspects of their role with an increase in the use of data driven decisions and investment of technology required to achieve corporate objectives. A new focus on context will trump the traditional focus on content and brand. Why? Context will improve the relevancy required to improve precision marketing. Roles, relationships, product ownerships, interactions, time, location, intent, and even sentiment in the digital world, will help with marketing in the analog world. More importantly, the cloud provides CMOs with many options to procure the technologies they need with minimal IT involvement. As the CMO role evolves into the Chief Digital Officer, Constellation's research and advisory helps CMOs understand how to navigate into this new world and balance increased speed and reduced time to market with the IT needs for integration, scalability, and long term cost challenges. Constellation focuses on the techniques and technologies to efficiently and effectively elevate the brand, improve targeting, establish relationships, avert crisis, and resolve incidents.

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Chief Marketing Officer Subtitle