Why New Cloud Platforms are Key for Delivering Mass Personalization at ScaleHow Modern Sales and Marketing Professionals Can Improve Conversion-Rate Optimization

Today's modern sales and marketing executives face massive challenges when it comes to capturing the attention of prospects and buyers. Whether for the enterprise or the consumer, more effort than ever is required to improve conversion rates and shorten sales cycles. Buyers have higher expectations with regard to how they engage with organizations, and they expect greater attention when they interact with enterprises and brands. More importantly, buyers expect mass personalization at scale on their terms.  

Unfortunately, most organizations have not built out the sales and marketing journeys to support mass personalization. In fact, most leaders must apply outdated and rigid technology platforms to support these initiatives. It's hard to craft a sophisticated product with clunky, cumbersome tools. Therefore, as enterprises and brands vie for attention from buyers and prospects, they must craft smarter approaches using smart services driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Success will require brand-new platforms that can securely support, scale and sustain the ever-changing preferences of buyers. These platforms offer powerful, analytics-driven technology while making it easier for companies to connect their existing applications.

In this report, Constellation lays out the methodology to craft these AI-driven smart services, deliver on a concept called infinite ambient orchestration and identify the attributes of new technology platforms that can support a cycle of continuous innovation.

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