Executive Summary

Much hype has been made about the metaverse. However, very few organizations have fully grasped the impact the metaverse will have on experiences and engagement inside the enterprise. More than just gaming worlds or hardware devices, the metaverse economy brings new opportunities for enterprises to bring their physical presence and 3D digital presences together in one unified offering to their stakeholders—customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.

This Big Idea report discusses what the metaverse economy will achieve, presents the layers of the metaverse economy, suggests several enterprise use cases, and names some of today’s early players in the market. Constellation has identified 43 enterprise use cases that focus on engagement and experiences to support the future of work, employee experience, customer experience, and commerce. Furthermore, Constellation predicts that advances in the metaverse economy will provide a critical element of the “Great Refactoring” ahead and a $21.7 trillion market by 2030.


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