Key Capabilities Enterprises Should Expect in MoDM, MADM and MEM Mobility Management Software

Executives and managers increasingly view the arrival of available-to-all mobile data accessibility as an opening and opportunity to innovate. Enablement and delivery of such innovation already takes mutiple forms – from creating and reinforcing brand identity to enabling employee performance in field service to sales technique enhancement to improving executive understanding. Such developments mean mobility has already become mission critical and, therefore, requires management in the enterprise.

This report is the second in Constellation Research’s “MoDM, MADM and MEM” series on managing mobility. Cumulatively these reports focus on what enterprises must do to ensure they harness the disruption that mobility, when combined with mobile devices, represents.  Each report covers a different aspect:

  • Report 1. “MoDM, MADM and MEM: What You Should Expect for Managing Mobile Devices” (published October 2011) looks at how and why managing mobility has assumed so much importance so fast.
  • Report 3. “100+ Mobile Management Capabilities Relevant to Enterprise Customers as Delivered by 15 Mobile Management Vendors” (published December 2011) provides a reference base as to what capabilities vendors provide.

This second report uses a selected group of mobile management vendors to extract trends for enterprises. It is based on primary research analysis, on-going dialogue with end users, briefings with industry players and relevant supplementary research. This report’s objectives are, therefore, to:

  • Examine key market and technology trends applicable to managing mobility in enterprises. One example is the management of laptops and even PCs. Managing these may produce a migration from traditional IT to a new mobile management function because of the arrival of accessible mobility (and this function may better be associated with HR than IT).
  • Explore key capabilities that enterprises need for business management of all mobile devices and describe a range of functions so that enterprises looking to acquire mobile device management ask the right selection questions
  • Identify specific trends, omissions and opportunities already visible in the management of mobility. The critical element to understand is that this applies not so much to the devices themselves but to what is contained within those devices, specifically (though not exclusively) the data and/or apps.
  • Make recommendations as to what enterprises should do in the 2012/2013 timeframe about managing mobility in their organizations. 
Purpose & Intent: 

The purpose of this, the second MoDM, MADM and MEM report, is to examine both market trends and capability developments in the management of mobility and of mobile devices. The intent is to provide Contellation Research customers with insights into critical issues to consider and then guidance on what to do when introducing enterprise mobility management.

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