Disruptive Technologies in Matrix Commerce Drive Wish List for 2013 Budgets

This report showcases Constellation’s mid-market customer survey for 2012 with responses from 339 participants. Notable trends include the continued prioritization of turnkey solutions, focus on matrix commerce in the disruptive tech wish list, improving IT departmental budget conditions from 2010 to 2012, expectations of operational excellence from implementation partners and some changes in vendor mindshare for application upgrades or replacements. Constellation recommends that users apply the seven best practices for vendor selection as they make the journey toward apps replacement.

Purpose & Intent: 

The mid-market remains a vibrant and growing segment of the economy. As organizations upgrade their technologies to meet regulatory compliance, improve operational efficiency, grow revenue, create strategic differentiation and bolster their brands, many buyers seek clarity on how newer technologies and enterprise applications can improve business value. This report, the first in a two-part series, addresses:

  • What do buyers expect from their solutions providers?
  • What disruptive technologies are top-of-mind in 2013? 
  • Where will Information Technology (IT) budgets go in 2013?
  • What do buyers expect from their implementation partners? 
  • Which vendors are top-of-mind for upgrades in 2013?

The second report in the series, “The Mid-Market Vendor Landscape”, will include an update on many of the mid-market apps vendors in Appendix A and discuss how they are meeting the priorities of today’s buyers.


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