Changing Customer Engagements Demand New Strategy

At a time where social media conversations become a major source for customer opinions and purchases, it has become increasingly challenging to retain customers. Today’s customers have many options for engaging with a company and expect their vendors to fully support them across all channels. This requires companies to reevaluate how they engage customers and go further to promote loyalty throughout the entire customer’s lifecycle.  Today’s customers are more aware, mobile and socially connected, and influenced by peers and communities of interest. Due to these changes, customer loyalty has become unpredictable. For many companies there is a gap in what they perceive their customers want and what their customers actually expect. To keep pace with the market dynamics affecting customers companies need a firm commitment to focus on engaging their customers and delivering exceptional customer service. This means they must do a better job at understanding their customers and invest time and effort in creating a culture that makes customers’ experience a top priority.

Purpose & Intent: 

Customers today have many more options and companies need to keep pace with changing customer expectations to be competitive. Social sites and the proliferation of mobile devices change customer behaviors. Companies must become more proactive to better understand and engage their customers. This report offers insight into what companies must do to stay ahead and deliver outstanding customer support.

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