How Mobile and Social Adoption Will Change Your Market Strategy

The world is increasingly looking to Asia Pacific to power economic growth. But Asia Pacific is not just an economic juggernaut, it is also a petri dish showcasing the consumer behavior and business impacts that are being wrought by the shift to digital.

Chief Marketing Officers seeking competitive differentiation and strategic advantage can look to the impact of mass consumerization in Asia Pacific and invest now to maximize gains from the emergence of the connected consumer. The resulting push to acquire mobile customers, deepen consumer engagement and deliver mobile commerce revenues will drive demand for digital marketing software solutions and analytics platforms.

For marketing leaders, there are five key lessons that can be drawn from Asia Pacific and applied to any market:

1. The Internet experience is mobile with a social heart.

2. Consumer adoption is disrupting patterns of media consumption and transforming the buyer’s journey.

3. Digital adoption will drive marketers’ thirst for mobile solutions. 4. Marketers will turn to marketing automation to scale execution. 5. The shift to digital requires a re-casting of the marketing funnel.

Purpose & Intent: 

This trends report examines the nearly ubiquitous adoption of mobile phones across Asia Pacific and how this prevalence will shape marketing strategy, technology and campaign execution not only in Asia but across the globe. Organizations are rushing to meet the expectations and needs of their digitally connected consumers, prompting the companies’ own digital marketing transformations. Lessons from "Digital Asia Pacific" reveal that a convergent approach to social, mobile and traditional marketing will be required throughout the world.

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