Executive Summary

The contact center feels as though it is trapped in an almost constant state of change and evolution. Just as the throes of the pandemic-induced shift in work have calmed, work has changed yet again as hybrid models take hold and teams manage the people, processes, and platforms that empower a new/newer/newest platform for engagement. Meanwhile, across the enterprise, customer experience (CX) strategies are also evolving as customers demand more-finely-tuned contextual engagements that put them at the center of every experience process. Now we are kicking off a new era of evolution with artificial intelligence (AI) in the mix, rapidly accelerating innovation and forever shifting the expectation for access, ease, and personalization. This has put new pressure on contact center teams to more fully embrace their role in the larger CX ecosystem as experience-driven enterprises look to amplify growth opportunities and not get left behind in the name of massive digital transformation. This report zeros in on key trends that are pushing the contact center to evolve into a strategic business asset and hub of customer voice and intelligence, powering the experience enterprise forward with durable, profitable customer relationships.




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