Executive Summary

Enterprises emerging from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic seek greater flexibility and more automation in their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Leaders need to easily access data, enable self-service capabilities, and intelligently automate processes. The most common requests in vendor selection decisions center on analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). Enterprises aspire to acquire autonomous ERP solutions. To their credit, the key vendors have stepped up with cloud offerings that enable digital transformation.

This Market Overview examines the key cloud ERP solutions from the lens of product- versus services-centric and unregulated versus regulated solutions. Although competition remains stiff for new prospects, the market has consolidated to the point where there are only a few choices, based on company size, industry vertical, and technology stack. This consolidation has led to a robust market
with stronger vendors actively competing for customers, leading to an estimated $50.39 billion market
by 2027.

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