The Business Imperative of Optimized Digital Customer ExperienceDetermining the Maturity of Initiatives for Performance Management of Digital Customer Experience 


Customer experience is a top priority as businesses seek growth in highly competitive markets. Driven by the Consumerization of IT (CoIT), a new generation of heightened customer expectations requires brands to incorporate customer experience into their business models. Many digital business or chief customer experience (CX) executives realize they need to deliver quality experiences but are not familiar with the technology infrastructure and software monitoring and measurement process used by IT to create great customer experiences. CX executives tend to focus on making the website or mobile application work, not necessarily on introducing performance metrics at the software and the technology infrastructure levels that affect customer experience. However, there are organizations that use both business and technical metrics to monitor and measure the digital customer experience to improve customer retention, client loyalty, customer lifetime values, revenue, profits and margins. 

To determine how mature a brand’s management of the digital customer experience is, companies need a combination of business and IT metrics and a framework to improve their digital business. These tools provide CX executives and IT operations professionals with the ability to assess where their brand is within a range of capabilities for customer experience performance management. The tools also help provide the ability to visualize the path toward optimizing IT and business performance. 

This report examines the evolution of Customer Experience performance management and highlights methods by which organizations can optimize the customer experience in order to engage and retain customers. 

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