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Role: Vice President and Principal Analyst focusing on the IOT of Customer Experience and how the cloud is driving more flexible, agile, and robust customer service and customer experiences. In-app or in device customer service is the future.

Coverage Areas: Next Generation Customer, Digital Marketing Transformation

Bio: As a Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Inc, Petouhoff works with Fortune 100 and 500’s Senior Leadership teams to create strategic customer experience (marketing, sales and service) solutions which engage customers, build brands and grow businesses. Combining her experience as a former Forrester software analyst, PWC systems integrator and change management consultant, Petouhoff leads executive workshops to discuss to not only choosing the right software, but understanding how to derive ROI from customer lifetime value initiatives as well as IoT, cloud, social media / digital customer engagements. She leverages her pragmatic experience from roles diverse as—PR, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Customer Experience and Product Innovation— to provide down-to-earth guidance for clients. 

And as a keynote speaker and storyteller, Petouhoff shares the hottest trends & how to’s of industry leaders— the top strategies to deliver excellence at scale in IOT, Cloud, marketing automation, next generation customer experience, social analytics and big data business insights. Petouhoff's experiential knowledge comes from working with a wide range of industries and brands such at General Electric, General Motors, HP, Sony Pictures Entertainment and various sports teams and their management.

Petouhoff teaches at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management Summer Institute in Managing Enterprise in Media, Entertainment & Sports. And Petouhoff stays on the cutting-edge by being on the advisory board of several start-ups, works with VCs and is often asked for her pragmatic and poignant point of view by the New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, Huffington Post, TV, radio and other global outlets.

Education: Petouhoff's foundation was built in the world of engineering where she learned strategic thinking that could be easily applied in the real-world and deliver concrete results. She studied at University of Michigan where she obtained her B.S. and M.S. in Metallurgy and Material Science Engineering. She was awarded a Fellowship by General Motors to continue her education in engineering at UCLA, where she graduated with a Ph. D. in Material Science and Metallurgical Engineering. 

Petouhoff currently serves on the Board of Advisors for UCLA Extension's Management and Business Programs. This program has been delivering practical education since in 1917, serving nearly 100,000 students each year. 

Twitter: @DrNatalie


Big Ideas

How IoT Is Shaping the Future of Customer Experience and Driving Large ROI

As devices, cars, machines & other things are connected via the Internet of Things, brands will provide better customer experiences. The data obtainable from this matrix of information will offer companies the opportunity to understand customer needs like never before. Correlated data will optimize marketing, sales, customer experience, customer service and the ROI.

The Cloud: The Effect on The Customer Experience, Marketing & Customer Service

With the cloud. brands don’t need to struggle with the trade-off between the much-needed speed, flexibility, agility & the infrastructure required for stability & robustness in customer service and customer experience or in marketing. The cloud is what is making the marketing, sales, customer service and the customer experience more effective & efficient as well as driving high returns on investments.