A Framework Helps Establish the Deep Brand Trust Today’s Connected Customer Requires

Organizations need an expansive, intentional approach to brand security to align their actions with their customers’ newly heightened expectations for security, respect and engagement. Steps toward brand security are needed, of course, but a brand security strategy will be essential in the next stage of digital transformation as customers’ trust in brands faces exponentially damaging challenges and threats.

Going forward, brand security will be a holistic strategy that prevents and mitigates the impact of intrusions, infringements and incursions on a customer’s engagement, interaction and durable relationship with a brand. Brand security applies to both process and technology, purpose-built to secure customer data and customer signals. It also brings the responsibility to dependably aggregate, analyze and share such data while securing the reliability and sustainability of expected engagements and interactions.

It is clear that customers today want to trust more than they want to transact. This spurs a call to action for organizations to better understand the Brand Trust Equation, as we call it, while they develop an organizationwide brand security strategy.

This report outlines the foundational aspects of a new approach to brand security, including the new thinking needed to understand brand trust and the cross-functional partnerships required to establish more responsible, responsive and relevant systems to power actions and shape perceptions in a strong, proactive security posture.

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