You were recognized by the The Pitch judges for creating highly innovative solutions, delivering massive wealth for stakeholders, and transforming business models across value chains. On this page you'll find everything you need to know about being a finalist. 

Constellation will announce the winners of The PItch at the two-day virtual event on September 13-14, 2021.

All finalists are awarded three complimentary tickets to The Pitch two-day virtual event.

The Pitch Finalist To-Do List

  1. Spread the word about your accomplishment! Use the resources below.
  2. Register for The Pitch. As a finalist you are awarded three complimentary passes to The Pitch. Constellation will announce the winners of the The Pitch at the two-day vitual event on September 13-14, 2021. Register by following the link provided in your Finalist email. 

The Pitch

The winners of The Pitch will be announced at the two-day virtual event which will be held September 13-14, 2021. All of the finalists receive compliementary admissions to The Pitch and are strongly encouraged to attend. 

All finalists are awarded three complimentary tickets to The Pitch. Use the special registration link in your finalist email to claim your complimentary tickets to The Pitch.


The winners of The Pitch are determined by a panel of judges. Qualified startups will submit a 7-minute video for the initial “pitch” that meets key criteria. The Constellation Academy will determine the finalists across six categories. Finalists will be invited to a closed room event where The Academy will grill the finalists for 90 minutes.

Spread the Word

Below are some ideas and materials to help you promote your project. 

Press Release

Craft your own press release. Use the template below. 

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Download Winners Press Release Template

Share on Social Networks

Spread the news on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Use the The Pitch finalist badge (below) to drive engagement. 


Promote your application or thank your team. 

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Key Dates

  • August 20, 2021 - Videos Due
  • August 31, 2021 - Finalists announced
  • September 13, 2021 - Day 1 winners determined 
  • September 14, 2021 - Day 2 winners determined


  • Three tickets to The Pitch 2021
  • Access to 1:1 meetings on the Cosmic Experience Platform
  • The winner of The Pitch will get significant visibility to a number of VCs who are sponsoring or judging, which has the potential to propel their company into the spotlight of enterprise tech.


The Pitch brings startup founders, enterprise technology decision makers, early-stage investors, venture capitalists, corporate venture funds, professional services, and system integrators together to identify the next enterprise startup unicorns. Innovative business leaders form the foundation of The Pitch. Known as the Constellation Academy, over 50 senior level executives, selected sponsors, and industry leaders will serve as the judges in this startup competition. The Pitch Judges carefully evaluate each application against a rigorous set of criteria.

View 2021 Judges for The Pitch


  • Customer experience and commerce. CX and commerce looks at the front office innovations from creative to commerce.  This category serves roles such as the CMO, Chief Customer Office, Chief Service Officer, and more. This includes traditional areas of marketing, sales, service, and commerce but also newer areas of experience, customer data platforms (CDPs), new digital channels such as AR/VR, and concepts such as chatbots and metaverses.
  • Future of work (FOW) and employee experience (EE).  FOW and EE looks at areas such as collaboration technologies, employee engagement, future of work, HR technologies, ERP, finance, supply chain, and more. This includes all the areas that touch the office of the CHRO, CFO, Chief Supply Chain Officer, CIO and COO.
  • Data to decisions and AI. Data to decisions and AI looks at all areas around analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence.  Roles covered often include the chief intelligence officer, head of analytics, head of automation, chief data scientist, and more.
  • Core tech infrastructure and platforms. This category is partly a catch all for the other technology categories but also includes technology tools and platform that may cross into automation, low code development, technology platforms, mobile operating systems, and security.
  • Fintech. Fintech includes new financial technologies that improve, automate, and decentralize the delivery and use of financial services.
  • Healthtech. Healthtech refers to new digital technologies that improve, automate, empower, and create new opportunities to improve patient care and provider capabilities.