Welcome to another CR CX Convo! Constellation analyst and CRTV host Liz Miller talks through AI's role in marketing strategy with special guest Tara DeZao, Product Marketing Director at Pegasystems.

In this convo, you'll learn:

đź“Ś How AI is reshaping marketing and customer experience (CX) strategies.
📌 The practical applications of AI in automating creative processes and enhancing campaign effectiveness.
đź“Ś Real-world examples of how generative AI is used to optimize marketing efforts.
đź“Ś The importance of integratig AI across different functional areas within an enterprise
đź“Ś How to overcome fear and hesitation some companies have towards adopting generative AI.

Liz and Tara also tackle myths surrounding AI, explore the future of marketing, and emphasize the need for trust and adaptive analytics. Whether you're a marketing professional, a CX enthusiast, or simply curious about AI, listen to this convo!