Kenny is currently responsible for strategy and experience for Relic Tickets; which, at it's core, is a NFT ticketing company. And it's a great time to be helping companies understand the utility of NFTs while re-imagining the ticketing process for live entertainment and beyond.

Prior, I was a Partner in Venture Capital (deep tech), lead experience at an Artificial Intelligence (digital personas) company, and lead the Marketing & Digital at the Golden State Warriors for four seasons; "Strength In Numbers" was not just an idea I came up with for the Warriors campaign, it's also what I personally believe. I also ran a global digital agency, played at KPMG for a bunch of years, and was one of the first "Evangelists" at Apple preaching and selling the amazing machines.

I am an active member of
• The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Interactive Media Peer Group (Emmys)
• Advisory Board Member to the SXSW Interactive Festival.

Rules I live by:
Heart First, Wallet Second (thank you Peter Guber)
B=MAP (thank you BJ Fogg)
Money doesn't solve all your problems, but it does solve your money problems.