The annual Dreamforce event is upon us - so before things get crazy - let's sort our some thoughts before the event, not in a long post, but a video.
So let's take a peek:


If you didn't have a chance to watch - some key thoughts in good old writing:

  • Will the message change from 'Customer Success Platform'?
  • Salesforce announced the Salesforce App Cloud, time to dig a little deeper.
  • Let's see what is next for Lightning - and a follow up on Shield, all announced in the last 12 months.
  • Along the same line let's see what is going on in "Analytics" with Wave - is more real time coming? Will it become 'true' analytics - read more here.  
  • A chance to checkin the ecosystem - always good to check the pulse on the showfloor.
  • Salesforce has been very successful but its core architecture is getting 15+ years old - is it now time to re-platform (my guess) and it is time to share that?