If you run a global company and are wondering how the heck do I take all my assests and may sure that they get properly translated, I want you to know (if you don’t already know) about Cloudwords. There’s lots of translation service – meaning the ones that do the actual translation. But how much time and money is your organization spending on looking and comparing translation services — comparing prices and then getting the content to them – getting it back and then being able to upload it quickly for a new marketing initiative or release? For many organizations, it can be quite an ordeal.

I recently had a briefing on Cloudwords, a new enterprise-ready solution. It’s newest feature is globalization content management capabilities so that marketers can easily orchestrate localized, multi-channel campaigns at scale from a single dashboard. With the Cloudwords capabilities marketers can, with a single strategic lens into all elements of multi-channel, multi-system, multilingual campaigns, programs and initiatives, allowing marketers to effectively plan, execute and track the localization of all marketing content required for successful global launches. By delivering a comprehensive view of all localization assets within one overarching campaign across geographies, departments, and customer touch-points, Campaign Manager helps marketers optimize efficiencies and maximize global returns for their organizations.

How Does a Broker For Content Translation Services Affect the Bottom-line?

To get to that answer quickly – here’s the scoop: Cloudwords, by enabling marketers to wholly execute global campaigns more efficiently and in multiple languages concurrently, Campaign Manager increases productivity, decreases risks of project delays, and speeds time to market internationally.

For maximum engagement and revenue impact, marketers are developing personalized marketing experiences to better target their audiences. To engage consumers in global markets, content must also be localized in the audience’s native language and be culturally relevant for the region. Marketers at enterprise organizations are challenged to localize all campaign content efficiently and effectively across communication channels and internal silos to fully take advantage of global revenue opportunities for their companies. With Cloudwords’ cloud-based Campaign Manager, global marketers are able to strategically manage the entire localization process of all assets and channels concurrently across all departments and regions, and quickly view the information needed in one snapshot to ensure projects are progressing on time and on budget.

What Does This Matter to the CMO?

More CEO’s Are Holding Their CMO’s to Deliver Real Top-Bottomline Results

Marketers are on the frontline of revenue generation in today’s enterprise organizations. They’re increasingly responsible for generating the demand that ultimately translates into revenue, and if they’re unable to market efficiently on a global scale, they’re not capturing all of the revenue opportunities available to them,” said Scott Yancey, CEO and Co-founder of Cloudwords. “Cloudwords’ Campaign Manager was developed with the global enterprise marketer in mind. Campaign Manager is a one-of-a-kind solution that enables marketers to optimize their campaign globalization strategies to reach target audiences with localized messaging more quickly and in every market at the same time.”

As marketers, digital folks, agencies and the like probably had no idea as they entered this digital, social, online presence world that they would essentially become content producers and distributers, it seems like a service like this makes even more sense than ever. That’s true especially if you are a global brand. The ROI? Check out the costs and process, (FTEs) you are using to vet translators and the process and time it takes to get to market and compare what a vendor like this can do. Love to hear from some people that did that analysis! And that’s how I see it!

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