Salesforce's Slack launched SlackGPT, its generative AI technology, that will enable customers to use the language model of choice, summarize conversations and offer writing tips.

According to Slack, Slack GPT will be able to use a series of models. For instance, Slack will be able to leverage OpenAI's ChatGPT or other partner apps, feature native AI and tap into Salesforce data via a new Einstein GPT app.

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This approach reflects the reality that enterprises are likely to use multiple AI services as well as bots. While OpenAI ChatGPT has captured mindshare, there are a bevy of services for enterprises to consider as well as legacy investments.

Salesforce and Slack announced the news ahead of its New York World Tour stop.

Slack said:

“As the ecosystem of generative AI tools expands, flexibility will only become more important. Whether you build with clicks, code, or a bit of both, our open, extensible platform lets you decide when and how you bring AI into Slack.”

According to the company, generative AI should be incorporated into the way people work today. The Slack vision, which rhymes with what Microsoft is planning with its Co-Pilot initiative, is that generative AI will be built into your existing applications.

Slack said that Slack GPT can offer assistance to tweak drafts, adjust tone and distill content.