Ever thought about building a team? Ever tried to do it? Ever wonder why it didn’t turn out like you thought? Dr. Janice Presser is someone you should know.

A world-renowned systems scientist and team architect, Dr. J (as she is lovingly known amongst the Constellation team) is the originator of Teaming Science and the primary architect of Teamability, a technology that measures how people will perform in teams.

For over 25 years, she has been the leading expert in teams, from how to build them to how to recognize the strengths and boundaries of human infrastructure. She is, at her core, an explorer of the human condition and a cheerleader for what makes everyone a visionary, a leader, a contributor and a wonderfully complex part of a team.

Who better to ask what’s next, especially when our own head of Marketing, Aubrey Coggins, is the one asking? Specifically, Aubrey wanted to know what technology Dr. J is curious about as we kick off a new year and decade. Here is her answer when we started #Asking4 Aubrey.

Q from Aubrey Coggins: What tech are you keeping your eye on – it can be personal, professional or profoundly peculiar – as we move into the next decade?

A by Dr. Janice Presser: For me, I think of this in the context of what is personal, what is professional, and then what is profoundly peculiar – or indomitably individualistic as I might prefer!

First up the personal. Since serving on the spatial computing panel at Constellation Connected Enterprise 2019 (#CCE2019), I’ve given a lot of thought to how the collective technologies the term encompasses will change our lives. I expect that there will be more drones, more robotic household appliances, and more charging stations for electric cars, but that these relatively simple - and benign - technologies will be confined to more privileged communities. What concerns me more is the edge of spatial that threatens to replace human interaction with fantasy-driven entertainment, especially for young people. My hope is, of course, that someone will want to integrate teaming science content into the gaming wonders of this next decade.

Next, let’s take on the professional. I expect my focus will turn more to the technologies that will keep we Boomers in shape. I don’t expect to ever retire, which is much easier when all you do is consult and write, but I do want to watch the technologies that will keep me mobile, comfortable, and sassy as ever. Electric cars are fine, but if all I need is something to get me to local pubs, entertainment, and the gym, I’d much prefer a self-driving golf cart - lighter, less expensive, and absolutely non-polluting please! I’m watching some new health-related technologies, including an at-home physical therapy machine that minimizes treatment-related injury. Finally, I’m keeping an eye on any technology related to sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll because, well, that’s what’s kept Boomers going this far. With new advances in streaming and recent news that the biggest explosion in podcasting is porn, there’s going to be plenty to observe and comment on.

Finally, the indomitably individualist tech. I’m watching more in the arena of politics. How will we ensure that each vote counts - first, by being counted? How will we deal with the fact that some people don’t have just one district? Will identity technologies eliminate the need to attach ourselves to one address - or any permanent one? If something is technologically possible and available, how will we evolve the law to align with how people really live?

Regardless of where you are looking, may 2020 be the beginning of your best technology decade ever!

More About Dr. Janice Presser: Dr. Janice spent her formative years researching how people team together and found answers in systems theory and physics. Having written her first line of code in high school, she was positioned to architect a system to measure how people work together, in business and personal life, and develop the underlying theory and practice of Teaming Science. The technology is available for business uses – hiring and other management decision making – at Teamability.com. The author of seven books on teaming, she is currently working on the question of how spatial technology will impact human relationships in the future and invites inquiries at TeamingScience.com.

More About Aubrey Coggins: Aubrey Coggins manages Constellation's marketing and communications programs and is the producer of DisrupTV, a weekly Web series on innovation and the enterprise. She is a talented marketing and editing professional with expertise in technology marketing and public relations. If you are interested in being a guest on DisrupTV, Aubrey is the person to connect with and wow with your point of view!