Rebellious. Audacious. Daring. Divergent.

Most advice guides encourage leaders to change their inherent characteristics to get the job, get the promotion and get the client. We are taught to “fit the mold” and hide those traits that make us different.

The authors of “Rare Breed” Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger will completely tear down this misconception and break away from the façade we have always constructed. I’m excited to see them take the main stage at our inaugural Ambient Experience Summit (AXS) in February with their keynote that will challenge attending leaders to set a course for strategic rebellion.

Bonnell and Hansberger will share their wisdom and insights from their radical "outside the box" book written for the mavericks, oddballs and visionaries they call “Rare Breeds.” Instead of trying to conform, leaders who follow their own paths will find success and make real impact.

The keynote highlights the tone and what to expect for the entire conference, which will be hosted in Atlanta on February 26–27, 2020. This exclusive, invitation-only event will bring together leaders who understand and anticipate customers’ needs and recognize that customers call the shots.

Through think-tank-style workshops, panels, fireside chats and networking sessions, we will focus on knowledge sharing and best practices for CX around organizational change, redefining processes and changes in thinking. Leaders in this customer experience movement will share valuable insights and lessons learned in their own transformations. Together (during and after the event), we’ll keep raising the bar to improve CX and design the experiences that serve them well.

AXS will kick off with an awesome Porsche driving experience and will conclude with a celebration of the experience leaders listed on this year’s AX50 who have already started charting their unconventional and rebellious course. These are daring, global executives who are unafraid of delivering amazing, transformative experiences across the enterprise.

Hope to see you at AXS 2020! Get ready for a bold, wild ride!