Want to know a paradigm that has always been false, but many people believe it? Organizations are battling each other to deliver the best customer experience for the right customer at the right time in the right channel. Customer service and customer engagement now play key roles in digital transformation strategy. However, leaders often stigmatize customer service or customer care as a cost center. This paradigm is false. Who created this paradigm should have their sanity checked. It makes no sense at all. Unless of course, a company is doing a poor job of customer service and customer experience.

Savvy managers understand the value of great customer service and experiences. Top notch self- service is a key part of excellence in customer experience. New channels such as text and social media have now surpassed the phone for the first time in history, showing how channels to the customer must be ubiquitous.

This report looks at the nine pillars for successful customer self-service:

nine pillars of customer self service natalie petouhoff @drnatalie

Some of the benefits of providing excellent customer self-service are:

• Reducing the cost to serve customers through the deflection of issues from the content center

• Helping customers to obtain information quickly and easily on any device,
anywhere, anytime

• Delivering unique, personalized, seamless, consistent, self-service customer experiences via many channels

• Improving consistency of answers and increasing first contact resolution rates and customer satisfaction and loyalty

• Increasing positive word of mouth, earned media exposure and likelihood of recommendations about products and services to friends and family members and

• Reducing risks, fraud and mistakes and improving compliance.

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