The movie theater may become a hybrid work location if AMC Theatres and Zoom have their way. AMC has rolled out Zoom Rooms in eight markets around the country.

According to the companies, the goal is to "redefine interactive business meetings and hybrid events." For AMC and Zoom the deal could be a win-win. AMC needs to fill theatres as the movie industry struggles due to streaming and Zoom would like to redefine hybrid and remote work.

The booking process is online, and you pick by location. For instance, AMC Empire 25 in New York City has 137 guests max and will run you $2,250 for a three-hour block. The Kansas City AMC Town Center 20 has a max of 150 guests and will cost $1,500 for a three-hour block. Bookings are usually available Monday through Thursday--peak work days that don't interfere with movie launches.

In a statement, the companies said Zoom Rooms at AMC are designed for dispersed workforces and customers who can be brought together for product launches, meetings, press conferences and hybrid events. The idea is to combine Zoom's technology with AMC's sight, sounds and seating experience.

The partnership with Zoom and AMC was first announced in 2022 to drive "state-of-the-art" collaboration. Initial Zoom Rooms at AMC locations include Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, San Jose and Seattle/Tacoma.

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