Salesforce launched the latest installment of generative AI across its clouds with the launch of Sales GPT and Service GPT.

The news follows Salesforce's rollout of AI Cloud this month as well as the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, which enables customers to keep data secure while leveraging large language models. 

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Sales GPT includes the following:

  • Auto-generated sales emails personalized for customers based on data.
  • Call summaries and transcription for sales calls and follow-up actions.
  • A sales assistant to summarize each step of the sales cycle including account resarch, meeting prep and contract drafts.

Service GPT and Field Service GPT will include the following generative AI tools:

  • Service replies that are auto-generated with real-time data and personalization.
  • Work summaries of service cases and customer engagements.
  • Knowledge articles that are auto-generated and updated based on real-time data.
  • Mobile work briefings for field service team appointments and summarization of issues.

Sales GPT and Service GPT are expected to be generally available this year.