Intuit launched Intuit Assist, a generative AI assistant that will provide personalized recommendations across the company's platform, which includes TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks and Mailchimp.

The Intuit Assist effort, outlined at Intuit's Innovation Day, is also an example about how vendors and enterprises are rolling out domain specific large language models. While Intuit doesn't cater to large enterprises, it is the ERP system and tech stack for 100 small business and consumer customers. 

According to the company, Intuit Assist is built on the company's GenOS, a proprietary LLM that specializes in tax, accounting, marketing, cash flow and personal finance. GenOS launched in June and included a development environment (GenStudio), a runtime layer (GenRuntime), a library of user experience components (GenUX), and financial LLMs.

While foundational LLMs get the attention, the real returns are going to be tailoring those models to various use cases with first-party data. Intuit's platform has 60PB of data, 500,000 customer and financial attributes per small business, 2 million models running in production per day and 20 billion transactions imported from financial institutions a year.

Intuit's approach to generative AI will also include hooks to live human help as needed. The initial rollout of Intuit Assist includes the following.

  • Intuit Assist for TurboTax, which will create a personalized tax checklist on data shared by the customer. Intuit's TurboTax and human experts can provide answers, insights and recommendations. Intuit said it plans to launch more AI features ahead of the 2023 tax season.
  • Intuit Assist for Credit Karma, which will provide recommendations based on a customer's financial data. Intuit Assist for Credit Karma will provide plans to avoid a cash crunch, financing options and tradeoffs involved to maximize cash flow.
  • Intuit Assist for QuickBooks will flag potential cash flow issues, identify bestselling products and anomalies. For non-QuickBooks customers, Intuit Assist will streamline onboarding. The tools is live to select beta customers.
  • Intuit Assist for Mailchimp aims to streamline marketing by personalizing content and optimize campaigns for intent and targeting and be able to change text, tone and images on the fly. Intuit Assist will also add customers to Mailchimp sales pipelines to track leads and the journey to a sale.