CrowdStrike and Amazon Web Services expanded a partnership where Amazon will standardize on CrowdStrike's Falcon platform and CrowdStrike will expand usage of Amazon Bedrock and SageMaker.

The partnership is notable on a few fronts. For starters, CrowdStrike is in a cybersecurity dogfight with players such as Palo Alto Networks as enterprises consolidate vendors. On the AWS side, a company like CrowdStrike highlights how Amazon SageMaker and Bedrock can scale models since CrowdStrike has Charlotte AI, a generative AI assistant that can serve as a security analyst.

Chirag Mehta on the intersection of cybersecurity, design thinking and AI

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said on the company's earnings conference call that enterprises have been receptive to Bedrock's approach to model choice.

According to CrowdStrike regulatory filings, the company's platform is largely built on AWS. CrowdStrike said it is optimizing its cloud infrastructure as it scales. In CrowdStrike's annual report, it said:

"Because of the importance of AWS’ services to our business and AWS’ position in the cloud-based server industry, any renegotiation or renewal of our agreement with AWS may be on terms that are significantly less favorable to us than our current agreement. If our cloud-based server costs were to increase, our business, results of operations and financial condition may be adversely affected. Although we expect that we could receive similar services from other third parties, if any of our arrangements with AWS are terminated, we could experience interruptions on our Falcon platform and in our ability to make our solutions available to customers, as well as delays and additional expenses in arranging alternative cloud infrastructure services."

In other words, the expanded CrowdStrike-AWS strategic partnership works out for both sides. Here are the details of the partnership:

  • Amazon will consolidate cloud security vendors on CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security.
  • Amazon will use Falcon Next-Gen SIEM to secure big data logging and Threat Detection and Response to thwart identity-based attacks.
  • Amazon will unify its endpoint detection and response on Falcon.
  • CrowdStrike will expand the use of Amazon Bedrock and AWS Sagemaker.
  • The use of Bedrock by CrowdStrike will include Anthropic's Claude family of large language models (LLMs).