Amazon Q is generally available across the Amazon Web Services ecosystem and the generative AI capabilities come with new pricing models.

AWS' Q generative AI assistant was announced at re:Invent and has been tested across multiple use cases before availability. Amazon Q is a layer in the AWS stack that serves as glue across multiple services.

The headliners for Amazon Q are Amazon Q Developer, a coding assistant, Amazon Q Business, designed to make employees more productive, and Amazon Q Apps, which are part of Amazon Q Business and can automate business tasks. Amazon Q Apps are in preview. 

As for pricing, Amazon Q Business has two tiers. Amazon Q Business Lite is $3 per user a month for basic functionality. Amazon Business Pro, which includes all features, Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Q Apps, goes for $20 per user a month.

Amazon Q Developer has a free tier and Pro, which is $19 per month per user.

AWS has a few pricing examples. Here's one for Amazon Business.

You are an enterprise company with 5,000 employees looking to deploy Amazon Q Business. You decide to purchase Amazon Q Business Lite for 4,500 users and Amazon Q Business Pro for 500 users. You have 1 million enterprise documents across sources like SharePoint, Confluence, and ServiceNow that need indexing with an Enterprise Index. Your monthly charges will be as follows:

  • Enterprise Index for 1M documents will need 50 index units of 20K capacity each (assuming that the extracted text size of 1M documents is less than 200 MB * 50 units = 10 GB) :
  • $0.264 per hour x 50 units x 24 hours x 30 days = $9,504

User subscriptions:

  • 4,500 users * $3 per user/month = $13,500
  • 500 users * $20 per user/month = $10,000
  • Total user subscriptions: $23,500

In summary, your monthly charges are as follows:

  • Enterprise Index: $9,504
  • User subscriptions: $23,500
  • Total per month: $33,004

The return-on-investment case for Amazon Q is straightforward--Amazon Q will provide a productivity boost. Amazon Q Developer also has tools to optimize their AWS environments by analyzing billing trends, consumption and costs by region.

Amazon Q Business is able to connect to more than 40 common business tools to surface insights and serve up insights and dashboards on the fly.