"Amazon is quickly becoming an A.I. company" stated R "Ray" Wang, Chairman and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research on CNBC's Squawk Box in this video clip. He noted that Amazon drives not only in the retail but the cloud computing sectors. It's been using its data and insights to drive recommendations and forecasts and enable it to reach its current position. As the second S&P 500 company to to break $1000 per share stated CNBC, Amazon has clearly demonstrated that it is a company worth watching, despite its high P/E ratio of 90.

Ray believes that artificial intelligence will be the new user experience and is leading intimate executive discussions over breakfast, starting with downtown Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley, and in New York City in the Chrysler Center in midtown Manhattan. He plans to discuss what he's learned over the years, especially from people he's met at the 100 conferences that he attended this year who he's been discussing the progress of artificial intelligence-driven experiences and how it can help leaders accelerate their digital transformation. 

If you or others you know would like to request an invitation to join him during these idea exchanges on July 18 or 26, you can request your invitation to attend a Constellation Presents executive breakfast. INVITATION REQUEST 

We hope you'll consider joining us. If you can't make it, feel free to check back for additional cities and dates or try to join us for our annual 3-day innovation summit from October 25-27, Constellation's Connected Enterprise.