DisrupTV 142 - Changing and reinventing as a CIO, innovation inside a health system, and 2019 healthcare trends. 

We had a great show on DisrupTV with three healthcare provider thought leaders. DisrupTV caught up with Anna Thurman (Division CIO, Commonspirit Health) and she talked about the art of reinvention, which is necessary for both IT and healthcare. Her focus as a leader and a professional is to challenge herself daily for her to keep up with the technology trends.  Anna’s primary focus as the division CIO is the employee satisfaction of her team.  Anna works diligently to ensure that her team is engaged and excited as the organization is transforming and restructuring with the merger with Dignity health to form Commonspirit Health. One healthcare trend that Anna is focusing on in Nebraska is telemedicine, and they are working towards how they can extend the care in the rural regions of the community.  Constellation recommends the virtual care model utilizing telemedicine technology as a requirement for health systems.   The key theme for health systems is to extend the reach of care focusing on wellness and prevention of patient readmission.  Virtual care used to be a competitive advantage for a health system and now we are seeing it as the norm.

Innovation from Within

Tom Stafford, CIO at Halifax Health, focuses his energy on internal innovation from his team.  He has focused on interoperability of his enterprise application system and now is working towards generating revenue from his IT operations.  Tom’s team has done a tremendous job of managing IT that they are starting to sell hosting services and application support for their MEDITECH EMR.  The Halifax IT team has done a tremendous job of keeping the system stable, and that is a crucial theme for Tom as a leader at Halifax Health.  Stability is not just a theme for technology uptime, but Tom has focused on keeping stability within his team by making it a productive environment where the employees want to stay long term. 

2019 Healthcare Trends

I had the opportunity to be on DisrupTV as a client, but this was the first time for me on the show as a Constellation team member. I shared the 2019 healthcare trends that we are focusing on, which includes the focus for healthcare providers on operational efficiencies involving the back office ERP system. Healthcare organizations are also focusing on creating a 360-degree view of the patient with an emphasis on keeping sensitive information secure.  

This is just a small glimpse at the great advice shared during the show. Please check out the latest healthcare astrochart, which plots the big business and IT trends by adoption and business impact here.