Imagine this: You are an IT manager newly hired into one of the fastest-growing companies disrupting an entire industry. Your workforce is highly mobile, but the phone system is desk-based with complicated codes to perform simple tasks like transferring calls. User frustration is high with dropped calls and you need to fix it and fast. This is the story of Betterment and the topic of my new case study report, Toss the Deskphone: Betterment Uses Dialpad to Modernize Communications.
Betterment is a company at the forefront of the FinTech disruption as an early pioneer of Robo-advisory investing. The company grew rapidly from an eight-employee startup to currently a mid-sized company with over 200 employees and managing over $8 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM). The problem was their communications system was a PBX-based solution that was expensive and a mismatch for a highly mobile workforce not always stationed at their desks. Betterment’s Technology Operations Manager, Mike Bongardino, went through an extensive evaluation process and decided that moving to a native cloud communications solution could support their mobile workforce, scale alongside the company as they continued their meteoric growth, and require minimal administration support. Betterment chose Dialpad, a cloud-based unified communications provider that offered a flexible, scalable, and multi-device friendly solution to free their team from complicated desk phones and saw savings of over 60 percent.
Image source: Dialpad on multiple devices
Native cloud communications provide mobility, scalability, and cost effectiveness for companies and we at Constellation see more companies making the switch over the next several years. The ability to integrate call activity with CRM solutions for improved customer tracking is another key benefit. For CIOs and IT professionals considering moving their traditional phone systems to cloud-based solutions, the case study report contains five key factors to consider, lessons learned from Bongardino, pitfalls to avoid, and overall recommendations on how to plan for the move.
Constellation clients can download the full report or an excerpt can be accessed here. Drop a comment below and let me know if you’re planning to move your organization’s communications platform to the cloud.