Constellation Research's Healthcare Transformation Summit pulls together healthcare CXOs, analysts, startups, and big thinkers to share ideas under Chatham House rules. As a result, these takeaways are anonymized and high-level observations.

Here's a look at some of the key items from the Healthcare Transformation Summit.

  1. Healthcare isn't immune from broader trends, but in many ways is saddled with more technical debt. The challenge for healthcare is scaling and adopting to an aging population, lifestyle attitudes, government policy, automation, AI and technological change and evolving landscape of health and safety laws.
  2. Some of the hot button issues facing the healthcare industry include:
  • Medicaid's funding crisis.
  • Talent and staffing burnout.
  • Automation of routine tasks with AI.
  • Optimizing healthcare for telehealth.
  • Redefining nursing workflows and processes.
  • Consumerism.
  • Integrated care.
  • A patient journey that moves across multiple digital domains and silos.
  1. Immersive AI will retool healthcare. It's early, but the combination of augmented reality and AI will be revolutionary.
  2. Generative AI will increasingly take some of the front-end healthcare roles and drive virtual medicine, but integration, data and privacy issues loom. How Generative AI Has Supercharged the Future of Work
  3. The five senses have almost been replicated with smell and taste the final frontiers.
  4. Digital assets in healthcare will bring new monetization models with unique data sets, network and data, longitudinal data sets, derived data advantage and new classes of data.
  5. Insurance will see new monetization models. Today, insurance premiums represent monetization, but the future will include credit service, reselling market assurance, cash value guarantees, independent valuation services and fractional ownership.
  6. Healthcare has technical debt challenges with massive electronic health record deployments and systems, which are the equivalent to ERP for other industries.