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R "Ray Wang, Constellation Research Chairman & Principal Analyst travels the globe non-step to connect with business leaders to discuss the latest with digital transformation. You may have also seen him speaking on a few CNBC video segments recently. He's current hosting a few interactive executive breakfast sessions, known as Constellation Presents, to discuss how AI-driven experiences accelerate digital transformation and improve people's lives. You can request an invitation to join him in July in Palo Alto or New York City here. Feel free to invite a colleague, but keep in mind that seating is limited.


Constellation Research provides weekly thought leadership quotes for anyone interested in non-mainstream, disruptive thinking from our seasoned Constellation analysts. The full archive remains accessible for our Constellation Executive Network members.


NEXT GEN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE  - R "Ray" Wang  |  Chairman & Principal Analyst | Constellation Research 

“We are living in an attention economy. Contextual relevancy earns you the permission to engage.”

"AI will be the new user experience from voice to vision, hearing, sense and maybe smell."  

“Becoming the default brand choice in a preprogrammed, AI and IoT-enabled world will make or break businesses."

"Constellation expects 60 percent of customer information to be accessed, not owned, by 2020."