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Steve Wilson, Constellation Research VP & Principal Analyst, covers digital safety and privacy and is chockful of knowledge about blockchain, security, and more. He's also a quick wit as you'll be able to tell from him quotes. His guidance on blockchain is among our most popular content for our readers. 

We provide weekly thought leadership quotes for anyone interested in non-mainstream, disruptive thinking from our seasoned Constellation analysts. The full archive remains accessible for our Constellation Executive Network members.


DIGITAL SAFETY & PRIVACY - Steve Wilson |  VP & Principal Analyst | Constellation Research 

"Biometrics don't work like they seem to in the sci fi movies. No security system is 100%."

"Most people are not yet up to speed on blockchain. No one should be shy to ask what blockchain is really all about."

"Computers are like nitroglycerine. They're kind of safe if you're unnaturally careful in the way you handle them."

"The question of whether consumers will pay for privacy protection is vexed."