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Lithium Technologies and Microsoft Corporation have signed a strategic alliance agreement to integrate Lithium social interactions and community data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So finally we can integrate customer records with community and social… there’s an ROI model in there! 
Connecting social, digital, CRM and community are key to delivering a great customer experience. While announcement is great, the ROI customers derive from the integration is what realy counts. So let's wait a little while before we declare this a victory for Microsoft and Lithium customers. However, we need a way to give attribution to digital and social and connecting these types of technologies is a step in the right direction.

MongoDB World 2015 Event Report: NoSQL database vendor previews connector for BI and data-visualization options like Tableau, Qlik, IBM Cognos, and SAP BusinessObject. The bigger story is behind-the-scenes preparation for growth.

This week while I’m on vacation, I thought I’d bring back this piece on my system of identifying your top sales prospects. To make this easy to remember, I’m taking a page from “bond ratings.” If you’re familiar with finance, you probably know that AAA is the highest rating that a bond can have. Well, in order to identify the best leads, you also want to shoot for an “AAA” rating. 

Software vendors are often compelled to create their own category, and then trying to define said category to their own advantages. HireVue is no exception here with the launch of their "Team Acceleration" software. HireVue is spot on – individuals and teams need to accelerate, both for self-preservation and to meet standards set by management. HireVue has a very good record in the recruiting and utilization of ‘true’ analytics--characteristics that will undoubtedly aid in the success of a team acceleration offering. 

I had the opportunity to attend MongoDBworld in New York this week. A very good user conference for MongoDB. On the product side there has been more continuity with Horowitz at the helm and MongoDB is looking for more scale and growth of its subscription sales potential. 

On the concern side, MongoDB needs to manage growth well.The good news is that MongoDB does not face a competitor with an identical (or very, very similar) value proposition. That means that as long as MongoDB can keep up a differentiating story to the incumbent database vendors that enterprises use, and as long as MongoDB keeps executing - it will do well. We will be watching and analyzing. 

Rob Tarkoff (@rtarkoff) CEO of Lithium talked about why Lithium exits and why it’s so key to brands. The reason? Customers have extreme expectations. The stats keep showing the same thing: 78% trust their peers, yet 14 trust advertising (this is why advocate marketing and influencer identification is so important). Yet there is still a ton more money spent in advertising than customer experience. I hope that changes and soon.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco, and one thing was abundantly clear: Google wants developers to build Android apps. 


What’s a business to do when it knows it has the better solution or offering but lacks a solid relationship with the buyer(s)? The answer lies in becoming a trusted authority whose works and persona are followed by the target buyers over a period of time.

Becoming an entrepreneur is how I discovered that failing isn’t nearly as bad as people think. You can fail and do better next time. You can fail in one area while making huge progress in another. You can fail, and in the process, discover that your true meaning in life is totally not what you’ve been doing for the past X number of years, and be utterly grateful for that life-changing fail. And I’m pretty lucky, because that’s what happened to me, and now I get to work every day with a bunch of awesome people who have no fear of failure.

Dimension Data has always been distinctive amongst the overcrowded IT infrastructure services market place due to the simple fact that it is the only global player to stake a leadership position that has originated from an emerging market.

In May this year, Dimension Data held the Perspective 2015 Industry Analyst Event in Prague, Czech Republic. Like the location, the event was a unique experience. When analyzing the various market players, capioIT has always believed that the strength of culture is critical from the leadership to the delivery teams.