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The Industrial Internet Consortium and Industrie 4.0 are seeking to transform not just manufacturing processes through applying IoT sensing for incremental improvement, but the entire process of Product Lifecycle Management, PLM. Their approach combines a number of technologies, and existing applications of technology, into the ubiquitous integrated and connected ecosystems of IoT.

We had the opportunity to attend AWS reinvent, held this week in Las Vegas, from November 27th till December 2nd 2016. It was the largest reinvent ever, with over 32000 attendees… not only to me it appeared that reinvent becomes the new VMWorld – the yearly get together of the IT industry. Only ones missing were the hardware vendors, for obvious reasons. 
Earlier today Google announced Google App Maker, an important step in Google’s overall portfolio to get a bigger piece of enterprise automation, addressing the citizen developers and the larger capacity of low code developers that together have the potential to build user driven end user applications and maybe more. 

In a move that was undoubtedly set to happen at some point, IBM has launched a new IoT consulting practice that it says can give enterprises a single throat to choke—as well as capable expertise—for their IoT strategy. 

The new group will be staffed with more than 1,500 consultants at first, placed at nine centers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. As an enticement, IBM is offering enterprises access to its Watson...

Amazon Web Services is following in competitor’s footsteps with Athena, QuickSight, Rekogntion, Polly and Lex. Head starts won’t matter in the face of Amazon’s scale. … Continue reading

A very good start for AWS for reInvent. The vendor keeps innovating, and growing  way to beyond the Venetian / Palazzo. The conference at times felt like the VMworld of the past - the more or less formal get together of the IT industry. And in the overall grab for load across the IaaS vendors, AWS is doing well - with the Workday partnership it lands another vendor with homogeneous load that will give it more load. With Workday starting in the new region in Canada - it gives right away load to that region. And extending more code execution capabilities at the edges and on devices gives AWS centered enterprise more reach and value for its software. Lastly moving data remains a challenge, Snowflake has been a success for AWS, we will see how many Snowmobiles are hitting the road in the next 12 months. 

The notion of machine-powered facial recognition is one that predates today's actual technology for it by many years, thanks to robot POV shots from sci-fi films such as the Terminator and Robocop. But while many advances have been made, facial recognition software is far from infallible, as researchers from Carnegic Mellon University recently found. Here are the details from a ...

A key goal of Amazon Web Services over the past couple of years is attracting more enterprise customers and mission-critical, production workloads to its service. During a keynote at its re:Invent conference on Wednesday, AWS got three prominent companies that fit that description to take the stage and discuss their work with the cloud vendor. Here's what they said.

FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory...

By now we have some weeks of distance to the recent US elections – so time to muse about the enterprise takeaways.

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