The thing that motivates me the most is being told that something “can’t be done.” Where others see insurmountable obstacles and mountains of complexity, I create business driven implementable strategies that are easily distilled down to executable plans. For me, there is no better challenge.

Using agile and inventive solutions, I promote collaborative work environments that support employee creativity, problem solving and collaboration on a global scale. I have purposefully sought to create a high performing multi-generational diverse work-force that demonstrates our progressive innovative culture and test and learn risk taking nature. For every progressive position that I have held in the past 20 years, I delivered:

➙ Millions Saved ($250M)
➙ Top Employee Engagement Scores
➙ Employee Professional Development, leading to 96.5% Employee Retention
➙ Top Leader Risk Taking and Encouragement Scores

A core belief is that the success of a company lies within the morale of its employees. I always look for high employee engagement to drive exceptional results, and when faced with production problems in the past, I began by instituting a course correction related to employee satisfaction. Once morale improved, quality quickly followed along with a boost in business development opportunities and overall level of customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, it is people that ultimately drive company growth. Tend to the people and innovation, outcomes and revenue dutifully follow.