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Yvette Cameron was VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Inc. focusing on next generation HCM processes and technologies, and is founder of NextGen Insights. Yvette is now a Constellation Research alumna.

Big Ideas

CRM concepts will transform HCM processes for new levels of Employee Engagement and Business Results

Companies are investing heavily to understand and optimize their customer relationships, but less so with their employee relationships. We must apply the tenets of CRM to HCM processes to understand, engage and align the workforce, because customer success begins with employee success.

From “Command and Control” to “Engage and Inspire”

Traditional work practices and business structures are evolving at an unparalleled rate. New thinking and disruptive technologies transform how we attract and onboard new talent, recognize and measure performance, and engage and enable the workforce. The future of work is now – are you ready?