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Orbits Bio

An executive, entrepreneur, and inventor with over 20 years of experience partnering with boards and C-suites on turnarounds and transformations. Richie integrates strategy, leadership, and new-frontier technologies to drive sustainable disproportionate growth.

His breakthroughs include the zero-to-one invention of software-only spatial computing using machine learning and computer vision to reshape the AR/VR and XR marketplace. Richie also pioneered the groundbreaking concept of the 31st Human Right using natural language processing and neural networks to reshape the data privacy marketplace.

With three authored books, three TED talks, and over 100 keynotes, Richie's influence promotes trust, kindness, and fairness in commerce. He holds numerous patents and is a husband and father of two children.

Key Coverage Areas

  • Richie covers the "so what" of blockchain as opposed to the crowded area of the "what" of blockchain. The trust gap is exponentially expanding in commerce, and humans are carrying the unnecessary burden to always trust but verify with intermediaries. Today, we the human species start every company or transaction with the automatic subliminal assumption that counterparties cannot be trusted. Richie counters this paradigm. Blockchain, mankind’s first opportunity for trusted commerce at global scale.