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Marty is a business leader with 20+ years of entrepreneurial leadership focused on business growth and improving the customer experience. For the past ten years, Marty has served as the Vice President of Customer Experience for Comcast. He began his career as an initial member of three start-up companies. Two of these companies successfully went public (1996 FAXX - 75M market cap, 1999 RTHM - 1.4B market cap). He then transitioned to larger companies for his second half of his career, but he maintained his innovative and urgent approach to delivering great products. Marty has managed large operational teams (>10,000 FTEs), significant P&L (100M) and has experience in over twenty countries. He has been a member of numerous executive advisory boards (Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Converges, IBM, Nuance, Oracle, Inquira) and is an industry leader for expertise in customer experience, business intelligence and cross channel collaboration.

Marty is an engineering graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an Organizational Dynamics graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He has acted as an Executive Coach for Comcast’s internal leadership program and is a Board Member of the Lyra Society. Outside of work, Marty enjoys spending time with his family and friends and has surfing, hockey and 4x4ing as hobbies. He has surfed 30+ countries, owned and managed the 2006 world champion Boston Storm, a professional team participating in Major League Roller Hockey (MLRH), and drove his land rover to Panama and back.

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