Personal Information


Liza Lichtinger is an inventor with a worldwide reputation of 15 years of experience in the Wellness and Health Industry, high technology and education. Liza started her career directing at a Fortune 500s, continued on as an inquisitive futurist, psychologist, and digital prodigy, she set as her main goal to teach corporations and world governments to favorably cooperate between technologies and human behavior (this view is supported by Forbes magazine), as the world will move towards ethical alignment of the future indigenous footprint of humanity. Liza was born in America, she grew up the first few years of her childhood in Mexico City descending from a family of immigrants from Eastern Europe. The last work of Liza, which she called "Training of the Intellect (Intelligence Learning), allowed her team to compete for the IBM WATSON XPRIZE (passed the second round with focus on social robotics and virtual personal assistant). Owner of Future Design Station and the founder of MindfulExistenC, Liza holds two Masters degrees in Counseling and Clinical psychology, a degree in Human Capital Development (ILR at Cornell), a degree in Neuroscience and Data analysis that allows her to be at the forefront of research on applied self-awareness, human-machine interaction, and intuitive decision strategy for VC Firms.