Personal Information


I've been successful throughout my career because of 2 things. Thing 1) I've learned from my failures & many mistakes.  Thing 2) Leadership is not nor has it ever been about a title for me.  

At its core, Leadership is about genuine passion, a passion so real it drives actions, actions so clear they build trust and trust so strong it drives outcomes. Those outcomes build equity into every brand I have served, both employers and customers. 

In my dual responsibilities, as CMO of Jabil & General Manager for Radius Innovation & Development, Jabil's consulting arm, I convene 30+ years of consulting, hardware & software expertise to bring together the best team of researchers, strategists, experience designers, software and hardware engineers and integrated manufacturing & supply-chain capabilities from Jabil,  to empower  customers from "idea all the way to disruption", never once losing focus on the user experiences our customers are trying to create.   

We light-up taking "product companies" & transforming them into "solution powerhouses" through the power of our digital transformation solutions.  Many examples found in customer cases on & 

I have been recognized by the EWF for Risk & Security professionals on 2 occasions, recognized by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, awarded a lifetime achievement award by CloudNow, and numerous other awards.  I've also had the privilege of being featured in numerous articles in Fast Company, MIT Technology Review, Huff Post, Success Magazine and others.  

Besides my professional mission of empowering companies, I am on a personal mission to empower kids and women, via mentoring, speaking at High Schools and women's events, and proudly sponsoring WITI Bay Area and the DFW Tech Titans Awards program.

But the thing I'm most proud of is my daughter, a pre-law student at UT Austin & my 16-year old son who speaks 4 languages including German fluently, as well as my 29-year partnership with my husband.

The Toughest Problem I Encountered in Transformation

Digital Transformations are not for the faint of heart and there are many tough challenges.  Rather than trying to list them all, I'm going to give you 3 tips on seeing you through most if not all of them:

1) COMMUNICATE & BRAND IT: A DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, is probably the most important transformation your company will ever do.  Therefore, make sure you put the organizational structures and processes in place to keep people focused and jazzed about what you doing.  BRAND IT, this project is important enough to put a brand around it.  Additionally, make sure people know your mission, objectives, timelines, standards/protocols, wins, changes, risks, etc.  This means PLAN, COMMUNICATE, EXECUTE, IDENTIFY RISK, MEASURE, COMMUNICATE some more.  Put a Chief Digital Officer in place who is a cross between a CIO and a CEO in place, a phenomenal communications person in place and the strongest PMI certified person you can find in place to project manage this transformation. A CDO needs help to keep everything aligned and on track.    
2) Vacuums spell COST: Don't allow vacuums to create.  Everyone working a thread will want to go off and build their own digital systems and platforms.  That's a recipe for disaster. One platform for multiple applications, handling both internal and external go to market. 
3) The Truth about Dogs and Cats: If you are a dog, don't try to become a cat.  In other words, leverage your core business, data, experts and processes to new digital business/service models. Trying things, you have no idea about, is not advisable.