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Engagement and loyalty have been the backbone of Umberger’s recent career, at companies as varied as Walgreen’s and restaurant chain P.F. Chang.

At Walgreen’s, Umberger played a lead role in the launch of the Balance Rewards loyalty program, leading both marketing and strategy teams through a design process that included website and digital platforms and mobile apps. The program launched in 18 months and pre-enrolled 2 million members through viral pre-launch efforts; it then grew to be the fastest-growing and largest loyalty program in the world with 70 million members in its first year. Later, during his time as the VP of Digital and Loyalty at P.F. Chang’s, he launched a digital loyalty program with real-time information to improve the guests’ restaurant experience, a mobile app and mobile payment solutions.

Umberger is known among his peers for his skill to mesh data and technology to understand the consumer and his ability to pull together teams for that purpose. He is also noted by many of his former employees—now marketers at other companies—as a strong mentor.

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