Personal Information


Joseph is Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Inc.  Covering all things related to Data Management and Analytics, he focuses on making better decisions through using new sources of data, innovative ways of interweaving the volumetric flow of data of increasing compexity, and disruptive techniques for drawing inferences and making predictions from that data.

  • Sensor networks
  • Mobile devices
  • Machine-to-machine interchanges
  • Machine-to-human interactiions
  • Sensor Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Sustainability
  • Self-quantification

Since 1978, Joseph has been involved with renewable energy research, developing advanced statistical methods for complex system analysis, and creating analytical techniques and management methodologies for solving business, engineering and scientific problems. 

Prior to joining Constellation Research, Joseph was President & CEO of InterActive Systems & Consulting, Inc. that was spun off from The Williams Companies [NYSE:WMB] in 2000 to provide consulting, research and system integration for data management & analysis to Williams business units and external customers. Previously, he joined Williams in 1998 as Executive Director of Professional Services. Prior to Williams, he was General Manager of IT services at Capital Technologies Integration, Inc. Over his career, he has been a primary researcher, principal investigator, program & project manager, line & organizational manager, executive, strategic consultant and entrepreneur at startups, F100, large & small companies including Oracle, Lockheed, Martin Marietta, Thiokol and SES. He has worked primarily in the energy, renewables, aerospace, telecommunications, and information technology industries.

Joseph has been blogging since 2004 at The TeleInterActive Press, which he co-founded, on topics ranging from open source solutions to the Smart Grid. He is also the co-creator of the 8D Implementation Methodology for data management & analytics projects, declared Agile in 2002 by a Practitioner. He has been a frequent presenter and panel moderator in using Agile and Open Source Solutions in achieving decisions from data management & analytics.

Big Ideas

Everything is Connected and Connected Data Changes Everything

The core of decision making has become a complex weave of data, analytics, inferences and predictions from individuals, devices and sensors informing one's instincts and experiences, fundamentally changing the way we interact with others and the environment around us to make or automate decisions.

Sustainable business practices are the only way to increase profitability & relevance going forward

From Agile development to energy conservation, from security to composting, from building automation to predictive maintenance, best practices must be sustainable for an organization to shine in its community and stave off unnecessary operational expenses.