Personal Information


Dr. Alexander Bockelmann is the Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer at UNIQA Insurance Group. As UNIQA's CIO Alexander and his team are providing IT services for over 40 operating entities across 18 countries globally leveraging IT shared service hubs across five European countries.

As UNIQA's CDO Alexander is in addition responsible for improving customer value through digital innovation and solutions leveraging a new and growing Digital Team that creates new customer solutions and customer experiences from a holistic customer lifecycle point of view and in close cooperation with UNIQA's different business units. Latetely this also involves the cooperation and partnership with selected insuretech startups to incorporate their innovation potential in new customer experiences for UNIQA customers.

As a shift in coporate culture is crutial for bringing new working methods and business models to life, Alexander is driving and advocating the empowerment of digital change agents in the enterprise to build momentum and to bring a new midset to life not only in special projects but also in the daily operations.

Prior to his positions at UNIQA, Alexander worked in different management positions at Allianz at both the global, regional and local level in both Europe and the USA. Alexander started his career in financial services and technology as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Munich, Germany after receiving a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Tübingen, Germany.

The Toughest Problem I Encountered in Transformation

Mobilizing the middle management to change their behavior and value systems from their traditional coordinates to a new customer centric value system was possibly the most difficult transformationchallenge. Developing an exiting new vision leveraging new technology to enable new business models is easy in the boardroom but diffecult to sustainably operationalize in a company without the buy-in of the middle management.

One approach is to establish and leverage Digital Change Agents that are empowered and enabled to own and drive modernization activities in their respective area to build momentum and ownership of topics on the operational level.