Title Publication Date Research Product Business Research Theme
A Snapshot of Hybrid Work Evolution: 2023 Q1 Industry-Wide Survey Q1 2023 Trends Future of Work
The CIO Imperative for Digital Assets in Public Sector Industries using AWS Q1 2023 Market Overview Future of Work, Matrix Commerce, Tech Optimization
Applied Threat Intelligence: The Emerging Foundation for Cybersecurity and Zero Trust Q1 2023 Best Practices Digital Safety & Privacy, Future of Work, New C-Suite
The CIO Guide to Developing a Center of Excellence for Low Code/Citizen Development Q1 2023 Best Practices Future of Work, New C-Suite, Tech Optimization
The Imperative To Go Beyond Multi-Cloud to Cross-Cloud Q2 2023 Best Practices New C-Suite, Tech Optimization
Market Overview: Employee Experience Platforms for Hybrid Work Q2 2023 Market Overview Future of Work
Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace: The Opportunities and Pitfalls Q2 2023 Big Idea Future of Work, New C-Suite
Market Overview: Digital Adoption Platforms Guide for 2023 Q3 2023 Market Overview Future of Work
New Industry Category: Multicloud Integration and Experience Platforms Q3 2023 Market Overview New C-Suite, Tech Optimization
Wielding Complexity: How Riding Exponential Change Is the Next Competitive Edge Q1 2024 Big Idea New C-Suite, Tech Optimization