Constellation builds its research agenda from client input, primary research, and industry expertise. The research agenda is updated on an ongoing basis and published on a quarterly basis. This is not a promise to deliver but more provided to give clients a direction of what will be published when.

Title Publication Date Research Product Analyst
Account Categorization Framework (Published) Q1 2019 Premium Research R "Ray" Wang
Constellation Research 2018 Digital Transformation Study (Published) Q1 2019 Open Research R "Ray" Wang
Astrochart - Next Generation Customer Experience Q2 2019 AstroCharts Nicole France
Big Idea: Customer Understanding Is a Strategic Decision Q2 2019 Premium Research Nicole France
How to Use Insight-Driven Experience Design (IXD) to Redefine the Patient Experience Q2 2019 Premium Research David Chou
Healthcare Astrochart Q2 2019 Premium Research David Chou
Market Overview: Customer Experience Q3 2019 Premium Research Nicole France
Contemporary Digital Experience: Driving Better Value with Performance Q3 2019 Premium Research Dion Hinchcliffe