Constellation builds its research agenda from client input, primary research, and industry expertise. The research agenda is updated on an ongoing basis and published on a quarterly basis. This is not a promise to deliver but more provided to give clients a direction of what will be published when.

Title Publication Date Research Product Analyst
Employee Experience: A Decisive New Model for the Future Of Work Q1 2021 Best Practices Dion Hinchcliffe
Beyond Digital Transformation: Traits and Success Factors of Post-Digital Orgs Q1 2021 Big Idea Dion Hinchcliffe
2021 PESTEL Business Transformation Planning Framework Q1 2021 Trends R "Ray" Wang
The Future of Work Survey (In Progress, Contact Dion to Participate) Q1 2021 Trends Dion Hinchcliffe, R "Ray" Wang
The Post-Pandemic State of the Enterprise Social Networks and Community Market Q1 2021 Market Overview Dion Hinchcliffe
Market Overview - Enterprise Application Platforms Q1 2021 Market Overview Holger Mueller
Case Study - UKG and MarketSource - Better Employee Experience from a Modern Workforce Management Platform Q1 2021 Holger Mueller
Market Trends: Solving for Customer Experience in a Post-CRM World Q1 2021 Trends Nicole France
Building an Unbeatable Future: Breakthrough Methods for the COO to Drive Sustainable Change With OKRs Q1 2021 Best Practices Dion Hinchcliffe
Defining "Modern" Business Applications for CX Q2 2021 Big Idea Nicole France
Strategies for Managing Customer Data Q2 2021 Best Practices Nicole France
Big Idea: Inside The Digital Giants Q2 2021 Big Idea R "Ray" Wang
Offering Overview: Cloud ERP - Workday Q2 2021 Offering Overview
The Rise of Robotic-Process Automation (RPA) in PLC, HR, and Finance Q2 2021 Trends Dion Hinchcliffe
The Future of Enterprise Content Management: An Unexpectedly Vibrant and Strategic Evolution Q2 2021 Big Idea Dion Hinchcliffe
Market Overview: Work Coordination Platforms in 2021 Q3 2021 Market Overview Dion Hinchcliffe
Digital Transformation as a Means of Recovery and Growth: A Technology Survey Q3 2021 Big Idea Dion Hinchcliffe